HJB & NSW Government working together!

We are proud to be selected as a preferred partner on the NSW Government C100 Contract. We have a wealth of experience in Government recruitment and of the 18 agencies selected to work on this major contract, HJB is one of only 7 agencies who was selected to work on 4 categories or above.

Category E - Professional
Category F - Technical
Category H - IT Management, Implementation & Support
Category I - IT Applications/Database/Systems

We have relationships with Government clients across Australia, across Local, State and Federal Government.

Contractors / Temporary Staff

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Government Clients

By taking advantage of the NSW C100 contract, you can save time and money on your recruitment. To find out more, call us today, or click here to register a job with HJB.

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Fast Facts for Government Clients

C100 Contract: Did you know?

  • The C100 has an estimated total value of $400million
  • Based on previous temporary staff State contracts, Government Agencies can achieve significant savings on margins, ranging from 25%-46%.

(Source: NSW Procurement, NSW BUY Client Information Sheet, www.nswbuy.com.au)

What’s it like to work for NSW Government? 

The NSW public sector is made up of around 130 different and dynamic organisations and has more than 300,000 employees. By working for the NSW public sector you can contribute to the success of the NSW community in areas of education, health, environment, justice, tourism, emergency services, transport and more.

There are exciting opportunities for people at all stages in their career - from starting work, graduates, apprentices and trainees, people returning to work, transferring from the private sector, and senior management and executive positions.

NSW Government employs people in a variety of interesting and challenging jobs including:

  • lawyers
  • scientists
  • rangers
  • librarians
  • teachers
  • mechanics
  • nurses & doctors
  • human resource specialists
  • policy advisors
  • project managers
  • graphic designers
  • IT specialists > fire fighters
  • pilots
  • bus drivers
  • engineers

...just to name a few!

NSW Government - Valuing and Rewarding your skills

NSW Government recognises the skills, knowledge, diversity and energy of their employees as their biggest asset. NSW Government values expertise and encourages innovation. That’s why NSW Government employees benefit from great pay, conditions and opportunities for professional development.

A great thing about working in the NSW public sector is the opportunities available to develop your career, learn new skills or even change your career. There are lots of opportunities for promotion and to move around the Sector.

Work / Life balance

Your work/life balance is important. When you work for NSW Government we do our best to provide the flexibility you need to combine work with other commitments you may have. This may be through part-time work, working from home options, job sharing and the various leave provisions available to NSW public sector employees.

 (Source: http://www.jobs.nsw.gov.au/workingforNSW/workingforNSW.html)